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  Exterior Painting


Services Offered
Types of Texture

1. Power wash
Power washing or water blasting the house remove years of grime, dirt, and even mold away from your house. Exterior siding, brick, masonry, roof shingles can also be cleaned with this method.

2. Trenching
Trenching along the foundation wall and apply paint below ground level.

3. Scrapping and Sanding
Loose paint is removed by scrapping and the remaining paint is sanded to eliminate rough edges.

4. Masking and Taping
Masking or taping is necessary to prevent paint from getting onto surfaces that does not need to be painted during the course of the project.

5. Caulking
Caulk is applied to fill in the small gap between the wall and the trim. It can also be used to fill cracks.

6. Window Putty
All loose window putty will be removed and will be replaced with new one.

7. Patching
Uneven walls, small holes and shallow damage will be filled with joint compound or bondo.

8. Primer Coating
Primer is necessary when painting any kind of porous materials, such as concrete. Priming is also mandatory if painted material is not water resistant and will be exposed to moisture. Priming is also advisable if the surface is dirty and for some reasons cannot be cleaned, or, when painting light colors over existing dark colors. Primer and paint form a chemical reaction that allows the paint to adhere much better than if paint was used alone.

9. Water Proofing
Water sealer 3 ft above the ground where incoming water is close (frequent) to avoid water seepage.

10. Finish Coat (Paint)
Applying finish coat or paint can be done by spray, roller or brush. Make sure to use high quality paint.

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