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William Betzer (2006-10-27)
¡°Kim Brothers Maintenance did a great job. All staff with whom I had contact were responsive and knowledgeable. Two things impressed me: 1. Your office manager was very prompt and competent, he had to contact our builder of five years ago and find out the Sherwin Williams paint colors originally used. She did this and we got a perfect match. 2. Several pieces of the wood from the trim had blown off. I asked that they be replaced. This task order was communicated down the chain and got taken care of. I also gave specific instructions regarding painting the porch and deck rails and they were also communicated correctly. I was surprised. Staff and workers went the extra mile!¡±
Alan Hartley (2006-09-24)
¡°My wife and I finally got down to see the house last weekend. We are very pleased with both the painting and the deck cleaning/sealing. You do good work! ... Again we are delighted with your work and will be happy to serve as a reference for you if you ever have the need. Thanks.¡±
Nancy Archer (2006-09-12)
¡°Always it is a pleasure to work with you and your staff. When I am doing business with you, I find that you respond in a timely and professional way. The effort that you made to check on quality control does not go unnoticed. Thank you for extra efforts to help make my projects go smoothly and to add quality.¡±
Frank Ditta (2006-08-27)
"Kim Brothers Maintenance personnel are professional, courteous and responsive to our needs. Their dedication to customer satisfaction speaks volumes about the company."
Richard Wilhelm (2006-10-06)
I will definitely refer Kim Brothers to my friends and relatives. My house looked great and the workers were nice.
Langdon White (2006-10-09)
They did such a nice job. The workers are friendly and courteous. I will definitely use them again.

Leah Grossman (2006-10-24)
I¡¯m very happy with Kim Brothers. Everyone was attentive and friendly from
the beginning to end. The painters were very neat and they did a great job.
Sam Leonard (2006-12-21)
I'm very impressed. The building used to be a disaster, now it looks like a fashion store.

I couldn't ask for more.

Zack Houser (2006-11-07)
Kim Brothers is awesome. The house was a mess but now it looks clear and roomy. I love what they did to the house.

Jeanette Houston (2006-11-10)
Job was great, painters were nice and friendly. They paid attention to details and were dependable.

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